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Melina and Alessandro are the owners of Agorì, a company based in Italy which has gained international acclaim with its products inspired by Italian beauty and culture.

After having spent many years as a communication officer in a governmental agency Melina decided that the time was come to completely change her life and start a new project with her son Alessandro a young though extremely strong willed entrepreneur.

Yellow, red and white gold are used in combination with gemstones of the highest quality to give life to amazing necklaces ring, bracelets and earrings.

We met Melina in her headquarters, she is a nice looking over 50 lady, very elegant and with a bright smile and asked her what led her to this big change. We were surprised by her reply: the earthquake in L’Aquila which destroyed everything. I had built for me and my family and only three years later the premature departure of my husband. I was lost but me and my son decided to turn this terrible story into a future in which beauty can make you walk ahead.

Their common passion for beauty. Melina’s background and Alessandro deep knowledge of art, inherited by his dad ended up in the creation of unique jewels of Italian taste. Melina is the Strategic Art Director, Marilla is the designer while Alessandro takes care of the business side of the company.